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There are a couple options to consider when deciding on a new heating system at your home. If you want to replace your current home heating system, configuration and the fuel options available will determine your choice.

Electricity is an expensive way to heat your home, and the costs are constantly rising. Over the last 10-15 years, the cost of heating with fuel oil has also increased, often exceeding expenses on electric heating systems. Switching to a natural gas heating system is a perfect option that might save you thousands of dollars a year. Heating with a natural gas floor furnace saves about 75% in heating costs! A larger investment is required for these home heating systems, but some research and desire to invest a little more into the home heating system will eventually be worth the investment. Also the floor furnaces are an excellent choice, heating a lot of homes at annual costs equivalent to natural gas heating.

Floor furnaces are more common in warmer climates, mostly California and the southern United States, because there is no need to heat the whole house in the mentioned regions. They are a great choice for your house and help you get rid of wall-mounted heaters in your room. The floor furnaces are practically invisible, because they are installed under the floor.

The floor furnace has a boiler that is powered with propane or natural gas. The boiler heats the water and then runs it through pipes installed under the floor. Later the heat to the room is transferred through warm air convection with the help of the pipe system. The warmth of the floor produces this warm air convection and provides a comfortable temperature. This exceptional method of heating a room is very effective and affordable. Floor furnaces are also easy to control, energy-saving and economical.


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